Camera karma

One of my friends breaks compact digital cameras like it’s her job. She handles disposable film cameras like a pro, it’s just the little newfangled ones that commit suicide in her hands.

I can sympathise because I’ve been cursed by bad photo juju and I’m not sure why. In the past sixth months I’ve lost two rolls of 36-exposure 35mm film to an untuned Rollei 35 and any number of frames to a 120 film back that needs calibrating (which was sent off for repair to skilled expert who sadly passed away while my film back was in transit). The replacement back is faulty and results in double exposures. On top of that my scans are all over the place. (Do I dare mention the broken Canon L-lens?).

The result? More time spent on fixing equipment and trying to figure out software than on photographing and editing.

The two rolls of ruined film are what really bother me. I can remember the still frames in my head but there they shall remain. Staircases on a brick building in New York, perfectly lit in the winter sun; a cab ride with friends; the best caipirinhas in Rio State; a garden full of gnomes.

Does anyone know how to fix bad camera karma?

A happy accident for once. Double exposure thanks to my broken 120 film back.

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One thought on “Camera karma

  1. MMM says:

    Keep the broken one and take more pics like that!

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