Back in Blighty

London may be synonymous with England to most outside the UK, but I spend my time far away from the big smoke. Living in an English seaside town is like living in a time warp.

Sepia-hued days in winter and Kodachrome in summer.

These photographs are from one afternoon, and I feel there’s a risk, photographing here, of producing a Martin Parr-esque view of the place. Although I love his work, his cynical eye makes me feel rather uncomfortable, so I’m going to try to produce work that shows a bit of empathy.

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4 thoughts on “Back in Blighty

  1. Your photos have a pretty, semi-nostalgic feel to them.
    I too live in an English seaside town and sometimes I think that my ‘summer ‘ photos are so pretty that anyone looking at them would feel horribly jealous. I don’t mean I’m a good photographer, just that some days everything looks so pretty.

  2. MMM says:

    The English sea side at its best when hot is 75F and it is time to don a swim suit and brave the icy water!

  3. Ying Ang says:

    i love this. more pls.

  4. simon says:

    Love these photos – I used to live in Brixham when I was growing up and have over fond memories of the English Riviera

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