A Mystery in Glass

I found these in a Fuji glass plate box in a local antiques store in Fort Myers, Florida (I’d love to tell you what the place is called, but it doesn’t really have a name. Just a sign that says “ANT” since the rest fell off). They’re maybe from the 1940’s, probably from Japan. The last one is the odd one out but I threw it in because it’s as much of a clue as the rest are.

There’s nothing identifying on the box itself, except a torn sticker with a couple of Japanese/Chinese characters on it.

Perhaps these are photos of Japanese immigrants to the United States? That may explain the fashions. I’d love to know what the traditional dress is in one of the photos. However, one of the men is holding up a plaque with characters on it, which suggests it’s from Japan rather than an event in the US.

EDIT: And here’s a close up, as requested, of the plaque (click on the photo for the full size):

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4 thoughts on “A Mystery in Glass

  1. Alan Chin says:

    Could you post a close-up, better scan of the detail of the plaque ? That is Chinese, not Japanese writing, and once we can make out the characters we can translate it for you and it may have geographical info. on it.

  2. Amber Maitland says:

    Hi Alan, I just posted it. I know they’re Chinese characters, but I thought that perhaps it was Japanese Kanji rather than Hanzi. And I have NO idea why I assumed that — maybe because that one photo of traditional dress has the wide obi and somehow looks more like something I’ve seen from Japan.

  3. Monika says:

    I can’t wait to hear what transpires.

  4. These images are really arresting.

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