What a bummer

My second attempt was a bit of a failure. I set up the camera and my box, organised my chemicals, diluted some 10% silver nitrate solution to 9% (which requires a mathematical formula — V1 x C1 = V2 x C2, where V is volume and C is concentration), and was ready to go. I shot three plates, and they turned out cloudy, so I thought it might be the fault of my plate holder. It had warped a little after I coated it in polyurethane and left it outside in the humid Florida night to dry.

However, after drying, this is what the plates looked like:

One of my friends said that it’s a distinct possibility that the developer is the first problem, as it’s a month old, and apparently that’s too old. I’m also pouring badly, as the developer should be poured at one edge and allowed to flow over the plate so that the circle doesn’t appear in the middle where it first hits the plate.

The second problem may be that I didn’t keep it in the fixer long enough. I’m using Ilford Rapid Fix, not the potassium cyanide mixture that I learned with, and it requires more time.

Armed with this knowledge, I’ll be mixing up a new batch today and see if I have more success next week.

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2 thoughts on “What a bummer

  1. Peter Towersey says:

    Interesting Ambre I remember years ago when I developed my own photographs, back in the days when we all wore a Canary attached to our hats, that temperature was very important. If I remember correctly 70deg was the optimum but I guess keeping the mixture cool would be your problem. happy New Year to you both

  2. Monika says:

    What a disappointment! But practice makes perfect, so try, try and try again! Think of all the millions you could put into your new company when you get going after this last bump in the road. Consider what you have done to get this far, so this is really nothing to worry about.

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