Assignment for The Daily Telegraph’s Stella Magazine

A couple of months ago, I was assigned to photography author Beth Raymer for Stella magazine, a supplement in London’s The Daily Telegraph newspaper. Beth’s autobiographical first book, Lay the Favorite, has been made into a movie starring Vince Vaughan, Bruce Willis, and Rebecca Hall, who plays Beth, and Stella had exclusive first rights to interview her.

You can read the full text of the article online, and Beth’s latest article in The Atlantic Monthly here. I had a great day photographing her all around West Palm Beach. After some shots in her home and garden, we headed to the Palm Beach Kennel Club, where the staff were (mostly) extremely accommodating and welcoming. We did get chased out of the formal dining room for bringing in our own props — beer and pretzels — but apart from that, we had no problems.


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One thought on “Assignment for The Daily Telegraph’s Stella Magazine

  1. Monika Maitland says:

    I loved the picture of her and the article. It was interesting and I will look out for the film.

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