New tintypes

I haven’t shot a lot of tintypes lately, and this blog reminds me of that! Two of my good friends have been very patient sitters lately, and I’m posting all the portraits so that you can see how slight direction or camera tilt can change a portrait subtly.


I’ve also been working hard trying to achieve consistent results in Photoshop for my tintypes. There’s no easy to filter that brings a flat positive scan to the right tint for a tintype, so it’s a slow color-balancing process that I find immensely frustrating.


My latest acquisition is a 10×12 Vageeswari that is like my beautiful 5×7 on steroids. It’s quite funny to see them together as the 5×7 is dwarfed by the new one. I’ve had quite a bit of trouble finding a lens that will give me full coverage and is within my budget, and in the end I’ve compromised with a lens that should cover 8×10 for portraits. I wasn’t planning on using the full 10×12 capabilities anyway since my silver bath tank is only 8×10.

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One thought on “New tintypes

  1. MMM says:

    I love the tin types. I am glad you lighten him quite a bit as he looks too fierce when he is so dark. Her tintypes are much lighter and so give a more gentle impression.

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