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Assignment for The Daily Telegraph’s Stella Magazine

A couple of months ago, I was assigned to photography author Beth Raymer for Stella magazine, a supplement in London’s The Daily Telegraph newspaper. Beth’s autobiographical first book, Lay the Favorite, has been made into a movie starring Vince Vaughan, Bruce Willis, and Rebecca Hall, who plays Beth, and Stella had exclusive first rights to interview her.

You can read the full text of the article online, and Beth’s latest article in The Atlantic Monthly here. I had a great day photographing her all around West Palm Beach. After some shots in her home and garden, we headed to the Palm Beach Kennel Club, where the staff were (mostly) extremely accommodating and welcoming. We did get chased out of the formal dining room for bringing in our own props — beer and pretzels — but apart from that, we had no problems.


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Under the sea

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Sunshine State

After readership figures reached an all time low, I thought I should post some more recent photos to get a bit more up to date. I’ve been dabbling in other photographic mediums and thus the blog has fallen aside a bit lately. I do pull my trusty Mamiya out now and again to go for an outing in my home state. Herewith, random adventures from the first half of the year.


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Beach houses

A beach house typology of sorts.

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A little piece of India

Outside: Florida

Inside: India


Back in Blighty

London may be synonymous with England to most outside the UK, but I spend my time far away from the big smoke. Living in an English seaside town is like living in a time warp.

Sepia-hued days in winter and Kodachrome in summer.

These photographs are from one afternoon, and I feel there’s a risk, photographing here, of producing a Martin Parr-esque view of the place. Although I love his work, his cynical eye makes me feel rather uncomfortable, so I’m going to try to produce work that shows a bit of empathy.

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Koreshan State Park

Florida is strange. Some of the first settlers in Lee County, who homesteaded before the turn of the 19th century, belonged to a cult. The Koreshans are long gone, in no small part because they believed in separation of the sexes and celibacy. That, and the fact that they suffered crushing disappointment when their Dear Leader failed to rise from the dead as promised.

When I visited, one of the volunteer wardens explained that the Koreshans believed that the Earth is a concave hollow – in other words, our heads are pointing toward the center of the Earth instead of at the Universe. Cyrus Teed, the founder of Koreshanity, offered a substantial sum of money to anyone who could disprove the theory – “and you know what?” she said, “To this day, no one’s been able to claim the reward!”

Seemed a bit pointless to debate the matter with her.

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washed up on shore

Outside Hale’iwa


Super Pho

Noodle bar, Honolulu


Our condo

Hale’iwa. My friends said the structure was ugly.





Confession: I straightened some horizons.

UPDATE: More photos from the last roll.

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Gone Surfing

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I have a good excuse.

I’ve been learning how to surf and scuba dive in Hawai’i. And attending one of my best friend’s wedding. It was a beautiful day in an idyllic place, where the bride and groom were surrounded by people who love them. What more could you want?

Until I get the film scanned, here’s something from the archives. I couldn’t and wouldn’t surf in Bolinas, Northern California, last summer – it ranks in the top 10 beaches for shark attacks. But that didn’t stop most people.

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At work

MJR have launched a new grant for photographers who shoot with film cameras. They’re offering film to the tune of $500 to work on a project. The slideshow that Ying Ang and Ling Ang put together is beautiful (and my work is right at the beginning!).

So in a tribute to them, a couple of photographs from their visit to Florida. You can see some of the photos from this abandoned gas station on Ying’s facebook album.

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