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Sunshine State

After readership figures reached an all time low, I thought I should post some more recent photos to get a bit more up to date. I’ve been dabbling in other photographic mediums and thus the blog has fallen aside a bit lately. I do pull my trusty Mamiya out now and again to go for an outing in my home state. Herewith, random adventures from the first half of the year.


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Beach houses

A beach house typology of sorts.

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Back in Blighty

London may be synonymous with England to most outside the UK, but I spend my time far away from the big smoke. Living in an English seaside town is like living in a time warp.

Sepia-hued days in winter and Kodachrome in summer.

These photographs are from one afternoon, and I feel there’s a risk, photographing here, of producing a Martin Parr-esque view of the place. Although I love his work, his cynical eye makes me feel rather uncomfortable, so I’m going to try to produce work that shows a bit of empathy.

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washed up on shore

Outside Hale’iwa


Super Pho

Noodle bar, Honolulu


Our condo

Hale’iwa. My friends said the structure was ugly.





Confession: I straightened some horizons.

UPDATE: More photos from the last roll.

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Gone Surfing

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I have a good excuse.

I’ve been learning how to surf and scuba dive in Hawai’i. And attending one of my best friend’s wedding. It was a beautiful day in an idyllic place, where the bride and groom were surrounded by people who love them. What more could you want?

Until I get the film scanned, here’s something from the archives. I couldn’t and wouldn’t surf in Bolinas, Northern California, last summer – it ranks in the top 10 beaches for shark attacks. But that didn’t stop most people.

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Beautiful Swimmers

Beautiful Swimmers they know how to move
Slidin’ cross the water like a steel guitar
Beautiful Swimmers stay in the groove
Riding constant currents near and far

-Jimmy Buffett

My first foray with the new Mamiya 6. Clearly I have some horizon issues but with practice I hope that will improve!

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Triple threat

A perfect triple exposure. If using this back to get these effects was more predictable, I’d keep it. But triple exposures are not usually the goal.

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Same roll of film, same trip, different countries. I must have had a theme, but didn’t know.

I know which one I’d prefer to be.

Beach dog, Thailand

Street dog, India

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